Garage Floor Coatings

If you are tired of frequently cleaning your car and garage ground because your floor is always filled with road dirt, then we suggest you improve the floor coating. Most people often overlook the importance of flooring maintenance and feature, especially in the garage area. However, investing in a high-quality garage floor paint coating or covering is extremely important. It will not only improve the appearance of your floor, but it will help protect from dirt and deterioration. It is also beneficial to make your floor easier to clean. We offer pure epoxy products, densifiers, sealers and a complete selection of accessories and tools for coating applications.

Polished Concrete

Whether you want a matte flooring or lustrous mirror-like finish you can achieve it with the help of concrete polishing. It is a method of sustainable and low maintenance design flooring. If you want to renovate your floor and enhance its feature concrete polishing is the best option for you. It has numerous benefits that would aesthetically satisfy you and suitable for practicality wise. It can improve the reflectivity and ambient lighting of your home which can further reduce your energy bills. Polished concrete diminishes dust mite and allergen problems.

Stained Concrete

Renew and enhance your floor by concrete staining. Whether it's a new or old floor, the concrete stain will help the character of your floor to shine through. It's a decorative concrete which uses stains to fill the surface to permeate a luminescent, crystalline blend. The effects vary on the type of floor it is applied. If you want a marble floor, you can simply choose this process as it can mimic everything, even natural stone or leather. Plus, it's fade-resistant, and it will not chip or peel easily. It is the best option for you if you want a durable and a long lasting floor.

Epoxy Flooring

Have you ever dream of an elegant floor that can withstand chemicals, cracks, moisture, stains, grease and more? Imagine no more, as epoxy flooring is a complete package flooring that would genuinely satisfy your artistic and meticulous side. It is cost-efficient, considering the process, the price and its durability. It is one of the preferred floors mostly in a warehouse, restaurant, and other establishments. It is low maintenance and exceptionally tough. Aesthetically it has endless design options depending on your concept and idea. You also have several epoxy coating options such as Terrazzo Epoxy, Metallic Epoxy, and more.


Our concrete contractor in the Atlanta area also specializes in the rehabilitation of a concrete floor. One of our most suggested cost-efficient and effective process to fix a floor problem is Concrete Floor Resurfacing. If you are having difficulty with delamination or deterioration on your concrete surface, this is the accurate solution for you. We will help you rejuvenate worn surfaces with one of our decorative concrete services. It gives a smooth and uniform appearance plus a more durable and elegant looking floor.

Floor Coating Removal

With the help of our concrete contractor in Atlanta, GA we will help you get rid of your damaged floor coating without harming the concrete beneath them. We will help you improve and enhance the features and characters of your floor. We know how frustrating it can be to see a damaged level and we are here to help you with all concrete care services.

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