Polished Concrete Services

Polished Concrete is a type of decorative concrete that you can use on brand-new or existing flooring. It is one of the most popular floor finish choices because it offers numerous advantages and benefits both in residential and commercial property. Affordability, durability, versatility, and sustainability are just a few benefits it provides to name a few.

Installing coating to your concrete floor needs to be handled by professionals and experts to guarantee that all methods are thoroughly and correctly done with no single mistake. At, Atlanta Epoxy Floor Expert we have the best concrete contractor to assist you in any floor polishing process from planning to the fulfillment of the duty. Even after we have finished working on the project, we ensure that we continuously provide concrete care by being always available to answer your questions and clarifications.

We used a high-quality mechanical grinding and the most exceptional polishing process which utilizes industrial diamonds to scrape the concrete surface. Once the hardeners and sealers are permeated to level, the honing and polishing comes after. Whether you want a matte or glassy mirror-like finish, it is surely achievable depending on the diamond grit use in polishing.

In order to achieve your dreamed concrete polishing in Atlanta, GA you have to ensure that the best concrete care and process are carefully and correctly provided. Hence, Atlanta Epoxy Floor Expert always vouches to give the best value of your money.

Types of Polished Concrete

Cream Polish

Amongst all the kind of concrete polishing, a cream polish offers the smoothest and most consistent finish. It can also be used in finishing colored concrete as it quickly acquires stains instantly.

Salt & Pepper Polish

The unique characteristic of this polish is the tiny holes and small cracks that can be noticeable in the coated concrete. These minor flaws sum up with the shiny and artistically unusual finished floor. Apart from that, it’s the easiest and attainable type of concrete polishing.

Aggregate Polish

There are three types of aggregate polish: medium aggregate, large aggregate and random exposure. The medium one exposes small to medium aggregate. Then the large has little or no granular aggregate exposure or similar in looks to terrazzo. Finally, the random exposure presents aggregate variations. This type of polish is the least demanded among the three types, but with the right skills and well-experienced contractor, it can give a most desirable look at your home or commercial establishment.

Choosing The Best Concrete Polishing Expert

The polish depends on the condition of your concrete floor and the ability and level of skills of your contractor. With the help of our concrete contractors at Atlanta Epoxy Floor Expert, you will get the high level of assistance that you deserve. We have fully qualified and proficient contractors to examine your concrete floor professionally. You will be provided with vivid and sensible details to set your expectation beforehand. We always ensure that you are pleased and fully satisfied with the outcome of our service. So call us right now and let’s turn your desired polished to actuality.

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