Epoxy Coating Services

If you want to have a high-performance, long-lasting, smooth, and durable surface, epoxy coating in Atlanta is the excellent choice for you. Whether you need it for your home, commercial space or industrial flooring, epoxy floor coating will provide all the characteristics that you need in your floor. Whether you want it for aesthetic or sturdiness, it has the complete package that you need.

At Atlanta Epoxy Floor Expert, we offer our abounding experience, expertise, and knowledge in rendering a broad variety of epoxy flooring services. Known for its longevity and highly resistance, this type of decorative concrete is the best choice especially on a busy area such as a warehouse, garage or even in the hospital, or laboratory with chemicals and other liquids spill-prone area.

What to expect from Atlanta Epoxy Floor Expert?

When we arrive at the construction site, we do not start the coating right away, but we start with explaining the process of the installation. We intend to make you well-informed first about the advantages of garage floor coatings. Thus, expect that the layer we will put is stain and dust resistant, long-lasting and low-maintenance. You may have questions regarding the process and the features of garage coating, but it’s great. The more questions you have, the more we recognize and understand your needs. Our concrete care team in Atlanta are amenable and prepared to elucidate your concerns and inquiries.

Once all your concerns have been addressed accordingly, our professional team will proceed to examine the surface. We will not progress to the next step until the exterior is not yet ready for coating. Our expert contractor has an adequate process in removing a pre-existing coat. The site should be reliable and well-built before the coating installation. We also ensure that all spots and defects are removed entirely. Even the oil and dirt that covers the surface should be cleared.

In preparing the outside for the coating process, we only use environment-friendly and safe materials. We pledge that your safety is of the utmost importance. Aside from that, we also remove all other traces of residue and fix all the cracks, holes and dents. The preparation of the surface requires more time as it requires a keen and meticulous manner. Once all has been done subsequent operation in measuring the level of moisture then proceeding to coating process.

All in all the process is not difficult to perform, but it demands a sharp eye for detail and a high level of expertise, because if not appropriately conducted problems can arise in no time. We manage to protect your garage by using only the high-quality product and tools plus a concrete contractor that are not only well-equipped but also knowledgeable and trained to do the project.

Types of Coating

The epoxy floor coating is becoming famous for residential, industrial and commercial flooring. To help you further on choosing the right floor coat here are the most popular coatings and its distinct characteristics:


Use for an area that is highly susceptible in chemical, abrasion or heat. Self-leveling epoxy has decorative designs that help to sustain its function.


This system is the most stringent epoxy floor that is remarkably efficient in fixing and improving old floors — made up of 100% solid epoxy and graded sand or quartz sand.


Possessing an anti-slip feature and high-grade mechanical durability, this type of flooring is commonly used in the food processing industry or areas that undergo heavy truck traffic and constant forklift.


If you see an establishment or building with a logo on its floor, most probably this is the decorative flooring that was used. You can use it for attaching logotypes, brand marks and detailed designs on the floor.


If you need static-free flooring this is the best choice for you. It is commonly used for a static-sensitive area such as laboratories, hospitals, manufacturing plants, etc.

Vapor Barrier

Both commercial and residential property used this type of floor epoxy to protect flooring surfaces from water vapor and liquid.

The 100% Solids

If you need a solid floor that can undeniably last up to 20 years and more this is the perfect selection for you. It is chemical-resistant and can withstand heavy human traffic and protects hot tire marks.


Usually used as a primer or sealer, this epoxy floor provides a smooth and lustrous surface.

Cooling Tower

If you need a surface that can resist the high heat and severe conditions you will be satisfied with the performance of this coating. It can also be installed to seal and reduce leaks.
Commonly used in hallways, entrance or any large areas, this type of epoxy flooring is aesthetically appealing and incredibly straightforward to clean.
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